Our final project for our life stories unit will allow us to make our personal narratives come alive by creating a digital story.  For this project, you will present your personal narrative by recording your own narration, adding background music, and adding photos.

This is an example from last year’s class, called Marta’s Cultural Story.


I hope you are as excited about our podcasting project as I am!

Here is an example of what you will be creating.

I’m announcing another opportunity for extra credit.  Using your own cultural roots, create an interactive poster using Glogster or SimpleBooklet.  You can add pictures, video, music, and text.  The point of this project is to discover your own cultural background.  The maximum number of extra credit points you can earn for this project is 10 points.

This week we will be hearing current event topics from:

John A.

Thomas B.

Karina C.

Lissie D.

Please remember to visit the class’ current events wiki to familiarize yourself with our presenters’ topics.  Class discussion during current events is a great way to earn participation points!



Our field trip to the Blanton Museum of Art will take place Tuesday, March 8th.  We will be visiting the exhibit Recovering Beauty: The 1990’s in Buenos Aires. Remember to bring your permission slips!

For more info on the exhibit click here